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Pursuit¢â€žÂ¢ sin ...
2009 Gold Award
Featuring premium stainless steel with increased anti-corrosive properties and a designer exterior, the new indoor, util ...
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Avado‚® Accent sink ...
2009 Platinum Award
The new Elkay Avado Accent sinks feature a sleek modular design and custom-sized accessories ideal for keeping the kitch ...
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Mystic‚® Twist¢â ...
2008-9 Nominee
The Mystic ® Twist sinks from Elkay invite homeowners to use their sinks in new and imaginative ways. The uni ...
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Elkay Mystic Puddle Sink ...
2007 Silver Award
Elkay's new Mystic Puddle sink(MYSTIC211435CB)has a contemporary shape focused on simplicity and softened geometry, whic ...
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Elkay Mystic Wave Sink
2007 Gold Award
Elkay is introducing the new Mystic "wave-shaped" sink (MYSTIC2920) as a solution for homeowners looking to cr ...
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Elkay Mystic Bean Sink
2006-7 Nominee
Elkay's new Mystic "bean-shaped" sink (MYSTIC2818CB) is designed with nature in mind, featuring the smooth, cu ...
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Zara in Z Copper
2006-7 Nominee
The Zara is a large Prep style kitchen sink. Designed for strength and beauty ¦ crafted for today's lifestyle.
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Zeus in Z Bronze
2006-7 Nominee
The Zeus is a rectangular bar sink or prep sink. Designed for strength and beauty ¦ crafted for today's lifestyle.
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Zabrina in Z Bronze
2007 Platinum Award
The Zabrina is a large Farmhouse style kitchen sink with an apron front. Designed for strength and beauty ¦ crafted fo ...
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Zoe in Z metal
2005-6 Nominee
A classic oval shaped lavatory with a hammertone pattern. Cast in any of four Z Metals. Z Bronze, Z Copper, Z Pewter and ...
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