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Electric Baseboard Radia ...
2011-12 Nominee
Runtal unveils our new electric panel radiators (baseboard style). This revolutionary patent pending technology combine ...
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Runtal Flow Form (The Bi ...
2009-10 Nominee
The Runtal Flow Form is part of the Bisque Collection.The industrial heating elements of the Flow Form appear as beauti ...
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Runtal Hot Spring (The B ...
2011 Platinum Award
Designed by Priestman Good the Runtal Hot Spring is part of the Bisque Collection
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Wittus Shaker Wood Stove ...
2011 Platinum Award
Inspired by the classic American Shaker wood stove and reinvented by Italian designer Antonio Citterio, the Wittus Shake ...
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2006 Platinum Award
Sculptural radiator made from cast aluminium for radiator maufacturer Bisque. Unique and modular Echo can be as long as  ...
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Sueno Gas Stove
2005 Platinum Award
The Sueno contemporary European direct vent gas stove is available on a pedestal or as a wall mounted style. The remote  ...
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Trendline 2
2004 Platinum Award
The Trendline 2 floats on an elegant and simple base, and it is designed to be turned in any direction, so the fire can  ...
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