How do I get started?
The very first step is to fill out an entry form. Take a moment to review How Do I Enter? and get to know how the fees, rules and deadlines work. This year for the first time we are allowing videos to be submitted. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you think your product needs video support, you will want to check out our Video Tips.
Who can enter?
Anyone or any company that has designed a product that is being marketed to-the-trade prior to the contest closing date of December 31.
Does the work have to be done this year?
It does not have to be designed this year, but it does have to be for sale before the contest closes December 31. No prototypes, renderings or models will be judged unless the corresponding product is on the market.
Can I enter a collection as a single entry or are they separate submissions?
You can enter them as a collection to economize on the entry fee or you can enter them as separate submissions if you want to spread your newest designs over as many product categories as possible to increase your chance of taking home an award.
Can I enter work that was done pro-bono?
Yes, as long as it is currently for sale through the trade
Can I submit by snail mail?
No. In the age of computers and in the interest of the environment, all submissions must be made through the ADEX Awards Website
How do I know what category to enter?
There is no need to worry about selecting a category. Your entries will be meticulously categorized by our judging assistants to insure that your product is judged against its peers. That gives you the best opportunity to square off against your direct competitors. If your product is unique enough [it still happens after 17 years] to warrant creating a new category, then that is what we will do.
How important is video?
That depends on your product. If it has features and benefits that can be clearly communicated via still pictures, then you do not need video.
Will my entry be less appealing if I do not provide video?
Again, it is product dependent. Video is not required, it is just another medium to help showcase your product design.
Will these videos be published or are they solely for the jury to watch?
We will use them in the judging process to help clarify the features and benefits of each product. Although we do not guarantee that they will be uploaded to the site, it is likely as next years contest will have video upload capability online.
Will you edit my video?
How many images should I upload online?
We have made provisions for each nomination to feature up to 6 different images of the same product. This will help visitors and judges get a clear understanding of all the nuances of your entry.
What is the maximum dimension of the images I upload?
The images of you nominations should be 900 pixels wide. They can be uploaded in any resolution as long as they are 900 pixels wide.
What is the judging criteria?
The judging criteria includes usefulness of the application, originality and innovation, technical merit, its effect on the global environment, feasibility of the design, efficient use of energy, end of life consideration, innovative use of components, cost optimization, and clarity of supporting documentation.
Why enter early?
There is an early entry discount, but more importantly you can begin marketing your nominations to our constituency immediately. That means access to the Nominees logo, Weekly Top 40 features, inclusion in the next quarterly issue of Design Journal, and the ability to upload your entire product line to our online library. Maximize your reach and frequency by entering today.
When is the submission deadline?
Products must be submitted no later than December 31 to qualify for judging.
When are the winners announced?
Winners are announced in the spring and will be featured in the ADEX Winner’s Issue of Design Journal which is sent in the second quarter of the year.
What if I win?
By the time the winners are announced, your products will have been featured on the site for close to 12 months [if you started early.] You will have scheduled each of your nominations in a Weekly Top 40 and they each would have been featured in a quarterly issue of Design Journal. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a Platinum, Gold or Silver winner in your category, you will have earned the kind of third-party validation that money cannot buy. You will have access to our digital marketing package that has everything you need to promote your achievement. We will ship you an award certificate suitable for framing and your Winner will be featured in the ADEX Winners Issue, Design Journal’s most coveted issue of the year.
Call For Entries - 2018-19 ADEX Awards
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