Tapmaster Incorporated
TapmasterĀ® offers a distinctive patented technology that uses the existing water pressure in your water lines to activate your faucet. The result is a reliable and convenient method of turning water on and off that is easy to install and ecologically friendly to operate. We are changing the way the world uses the faucet.

Quality control is a top priority in the production of the TapmasterĀ® line of products; use state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing processes to ensure each TapmasterĀ® meets our extraordinary quality standards. Each TapmasterĀ® is inspected by hand before being shipped which results in a less than 0.25% failure rate. Further to that, all of our products are covered by a 5-year warranty.

A great deal of our products reliability stems from the fact that TapmasterĀ® does not use o-rings or sliding seals. This makes it an extremely durable and dependable product even in areas that experience high water mineralization. The use of a high heat silicone diaphragm formed with check valves eliminates water hammer and prevents cross-flow contamination between water lines. The TapmasterĀ® system has been rigorously tested and cycled millions of times to ensure its quality and reliability.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has tested and approved the TapmasterĀ® for both the USA and Canadian markets and meets ASME standard 112.18.1 2000. The TapmasterĀ® is NSF- 61 (National Sanitation Foundation) approved and the control tubing used in the TapmasterĀ® meets ISO 9000 standards.

The first TapmasterĀ® was sold into the dental industry in 1993, its acceptance and recognition became wide spread based its reliability, ease of installation, reduction of cross contamination, cost effective water savings and a more convenient hands-free way of using the faucet.

Today the TapmasterĀ® is accepted as the hands free ā€œproduct of choiceā€ throughout 70% of the North American dental industry. We are also expanding beyond our dental roots into medical, chiropractic, veterinary, residential, commercial construction and food services industries throughout North America and the world.

As we further develop our products and business, look for new methods of activation and configurations coming soon.

The word is TapmasterĀ®.
Address: 20175 Township Road 262
City: Calgary
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Zip: T3P 1A3
Country: Canada
Phone: (403) 275-5554
Fax: (403) 275-5928
Website: http://www.tapmaster.ca
Tapmaster Incorporated's Products
In-Floor Activator Model 1780
2009-10 Nominee
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Hot-Warm-Cold Kick Plate Activ
2009-10 Nominee
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Tapmaster Model 1786 Hands Fre
2011 Platinum Award
The Model 1786 Tapmaster hands free facuet controller is a floor mounted assembly that enables hands free operation of any faucet. The uniqu ...
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Tapmaster Model 1775 Hands Fre
2009-10 Nominee
The Model 1775 Tapmaster hands free facuet controller works by pressing the toe-kick mounted soft rubber probe in any direction. The unique ...
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Tapmaster Model 1750 Hands Fre
2011 Platinum Award
The Model 1750 Tapmaster hands free facuet controller is a kick pedal assembly that mounts to the toe kick of standard cabinetry that enable ...
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ADEX Awards 2014-15
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